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Ury Riverside Park is a 61ha community park for people and wildlife to enjoy together.  The Park is being developed by the community for the community from a former barley field to create somewhere special for wildlife and people.  A great place to walk, jog, volunteer to help create habitats or watch wildlife.

The Park has been developing since 2017 from former arable farmland on the flood plain of the River Ury in the heart of Inverurie.  

The park is being developed with a high-quality path network, areas of semi natural wetland, riparian habitats, new native woodlands, wildflower meadows and amenity grassland.  An all abilities play area and a local granite feature entrance are planned.  


Most of the park lies below the 200-year flood level and much of the park floods every year.  This has to be taken account of for all the site works and in the winter some areas, including some paths flood. 

The park supports breeding skylarks (15+ pairs), common partridge, reed buntings, yellowhammers, sedge warblers to name a few.  Otters and trout live in the river along with a range of dragonflies and damselflies.  

The wildflower meadows are attracting a range of butterflies, bees, hoverflies and many other species to an area that was just a barley monoculture.  
We are aiming to create habitats that will function naturally with minimal management intervention.


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