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What is in the Park?

Areas are being managed with wildflower meadows, wetlands, newly planted native woodlands, and informal recreational areas'

The River Ury

The River Ury flows through the Park.  It rises near Bennachie to the north of Inverurie and joins the River Don about half a mile downstream of the Park,  It is home to many fish, otters and birds.  Please take care near the river as some of the banks can be unstable.

The river does flood parts of the Park after heavy rainfall so please take care.



The woodlands at Ury Riverside Park are part of the habitats that are being developed to promote biodiversity and to screen the neighbouring retail park.  The trees are a mix of native broadleaved and coniferous species planted by the local community in 2018 and 2019



The wildflower areas are a good place to look for butterflies in the summer months.  Dragonflies and dameslflies are attracted to the river and pools.



Some parts of the park are low lying and are managed to naturally hold water after heavy rain or when the river floods.  These are temporary habitats but valuable for many bird species.




Wild flowers

Many areas of Ury Riverside Park are managed to promote native wildfowers.  These add a splash of colour during the summer months and are great for many polinating insects to feed on.  Look out for butterflies, hoverflies, bees and beetles.



Apart from people and dogs there are a few largers mammals that live in the park.  They are not easy to find, but early or late in the day when it is quieter, you could see roe deer, rabbits or even an otter.  On summer evenings look out for Daubentons and pipestrelle bats too. 

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