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Photos from Ury Riverside Park 

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Wildflowers at Ury Riverside Park

Birds at Ury Riverside Park

This year we entered the Keep Scotland Beautiful It's Your Neighbourhood programme for the first time.  

This is a non-competitive programme where assessors visit the location to see what communty groups have done to manage or improve local greenspace areas and make constructive comments on things that could be done.  

We were extremely pleased to have been awarded the Level 5 - Outstanding Certificate which is the highest level possible. 


Interpretation panels at
Ury Riverside Park

Ury Riverside Park in the snow January 2021 video

Ury Riverside Park floods November & December 2020

Ury Riverside Park is part of the rivers' flood plain so we expect it to flood. This is part of the natural processes that help shape the park.  Please keep out of the flood water for your safety.