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Q1 Who manages and looks after Ury Riverside Park? The Ury Riverside Park SCIO manages and looks after the Ury Riverside Park in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council and others. The land is currently owned by Aberdeenshire Council.

Q2 What is the Ury Riverside Park SCIO? The Ury Riverside Park SCIO is a community run Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It is a group of local people from Inverurie who meet regularly to plan and implement projects to manage and develop the park for people and wildlife together. The SCIO has Trustees who are responsible for ensuring the objectives of the SCIO are met and the charity is run responsibly.

Q3 How is the Ury Riverside Park funded? The Ury Riverside Park has no guaranteed core funding. It is funded from a variety of sources which has included grant funding, Developer Obligations (money developers are required pay to support and deliver environmental and community benefits as part of the planning process), Aberdeenshire Council, donations from Inverurie Community Council, local churches, Inverurie Rotary Club, Barratt Homes and individuals. In the future we are looking at National Lottery funding crowd funding and any other suitable sources.

Q4 Are there any litter bins or dog waste bins in Ury Riverside Park? No. We have no litter or dog waste bins in Ury Riverside Park because we expect people to take their waste home with them or use the bins near the entrances at the Inverurie Retail Park or in Osprey Village. Aberdeenshire Council are not able to empty bins on site as there is no suitable vehicle access and it would be a cost to the park. We cannot expect volunteers to undertake this and the SCIO would be charged for the disposal of the waste.

Q5 How big is Ury Riverside Park? Ury Riverside Park is approximately 61 hectares or 150 acres or the equivalent of about 100 football pitches.

Q6 Why does Ury Riverside Park flood? The Ury Riverside Park is part of the flood plain of the River Ury. As part of the natural river processes the river will flood areas of the park most winters. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) regulations require us to allow the park to flood which helps protect downstream areas of Inverurie and Port Elphinstone from greater flood risks. Any work we do in the park must not reduce the flooding capacity of the site.

Q7 Is the Ury Riverside Park accessible to wheelchair and mobility buggy users? Yes. The paths are a mix of tarmac and crushed stone surfaces. There are minimal slopes within the park too.

Q8 What are the Ury Riverside Park opening times? The Ury Riverside Park is open all the time. After periods of high rainfall some areas and some of the paths may be flooded.

Q9 Are the paths gritted to clear ice in the winter? No, the paths are not gritted or salted to clear or prevent ice because it would damage the wildflowers and soils which are key to maintaining biodiversity. Salt will kill many plants and soil living animals that are important in maintaining a naturally functioning system. There is also a cost to the Park if the paths were to be gritted or salted. There are signs at the entrances warning that paths may be icy.

Q10 Are dogs and cyclists welcome in Ury Riverside Park? Yes, dogs and cyclists are welcome in Ury Riverside Park. Dog owners should be responsible and pick up their pets poo and take it away. We do ask for dogs to be kept under close control especially during the bird breeding season as there are protected ground nesting birds that could easily be disturbed. Dogs are not permitted in fenced areas where sheep are present to control giant hogweed. Cyclists should also ride responsibly and give way to other users as appropriate. We ask all visitors to comply with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Q11 Is there access into Ury Riverside Park from the Rothienorman Road? No, there is no access from the Rothienorman Road at present as there is no pavement along the road in this area. It would be dangerous and irresponsible for the SCIO to create an access point here and would not be approved by Aberdeenshire Council. There are proposals for the road in this area to be improved and straightened with a new bridge over the River Ury as part of the planning process for the new housing developments on this side of Inverurie. When this happens, we have been assured that a safe and accessible entrance to the park will be created as part of the road improvements. We don’t have a timescale for this at present.

If you have other questions or would like to know more about Ury Riverside Park please email us at  visit our website or our Facebook  page

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